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Unformatted text preview: h deeper global engagement” (Ammachchi 2014 p. 3) Big firms employ more than 20% of the US’s full time workers and offer higher quality jobs than average US businesses and employers. The researchers say that there is no definitive evidence that shows that the offshored jobs go to poverty level wage earners in countries like India and China. Instead, work is outsourced to Canada and Western Europe, where the pay levels are the same as America. (Ammachchi 2014) Since the wage levels are the same, there is no driving down of the wages in America as a result of offshoring. Researchers predict an even greater amount of offshoring to come in the future, but that should be no cause for worry, according to the MIT and Berkeley teams According to Brown, “With the US economy recovering, the researchers say, both offshoring and domestic outsourcing will expand in the days to come. “The recovery allows companies to restructure and expand through more offshoring and outsourcing, instead of just rehiring and returning to old practices” (Ammachchi 2014 para. 6)....
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