Movie Paper 1 - Part 1 & 2

In fact the group is not able to cross over the open

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Unformatted text preview: group must overcome. The combination of Woody’s leadership and ingenious planning and their size that allows them to hide in many places and move stealthily passed the security systems work to their advantage. Slinky is able to make use of his flexibility as a slinky in order to aide Woody in capturing and neutralizing their biggest security a threat, an evil monkey with loud clapping symbols. However, Woody and his friends do face obstacles during their escape. When they have reached the final point of exit from Sunnyside Daycare, the group is unable to cross over an open dumpster from the end of a garbage shoot onto a closed dumpster. The distance between the shoot and the closed dumpster poses a problem for all of the toys in the group except for Slinky. In fact, the group is not able to cross over the open dumpster until later on in the scene when the lid has been pushed down and they can freely walk across the dumpster. Part Two The host culture has a major impact on the subjects because they are products of the host culture. As toys, they were manufactu...
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