Movie Paper 1 - Part 1 & 2

The subjects quickly find this out as they are thrown

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Unformatted text preview: red for the sole purpose of being played with by children. That is why it is the general practice of the host culture to donate toys once their previous owners have gotten older and moved on. Andy’s mom sees the toys laying lifeless after they had escaped from the trash bag and assumed since they were near the donation box Andy’s sister had put together, they were intended to be donated. She donates them to Sunnyside Daycare and the toys first reaction is that the daycare is a dream come true (besides Woody). But the toys quickly learn that donated toys are necessary because the toddlers of facility are abusive and break the toys about as quickly as they arrive. This leads to the second way the host culture affects toys. The host culture values education, more specifically, early childhood education. It is quite common for parents of th...
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