Movie Paper 1 - Part 3 & 4

A toy manufacturer assigns names to the toys or the

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Unformatted text preview: ould destroy the meaning of toys for human beings. Even though the toys seem to have more personal freedom when humans aren’t around, they still wish to be around humans (specifically children) because it fulfills their burning desire to be played with. A toy manufacturer assigns names to the toys or the child assigns them with a nickname. For the most part, these names are not common to our society. Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead, Slinky, and Hamm serve as examples of this. However, for the toys these names have become integral in their identities. Even the nicknames assigned to toys from the owner, are vastly different from the names of everyday society. The owner of the toys in Toy Story 3, Andy, refers to many of them with nicknames different than what we as the audience know them as. For instance, when playing with Mr. Potatohead, Andy gives him the nickname, “One Eyed Bart”, and Hamm is referred to as, “Evil Dr. Porkchop”. Additionally, the way a toy dresses in comparison to the way a human dresses differs in many ways. Almost all of the toys main...
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