Movie Paper Final Outline

Movie Paper Final Outline

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Unformatted text preview: r warfare. c. The article is about gender stereotypes in children’s cartoons, including communicative differences. i. The article shows that stereotypical gender language is often portrayed in children’s cartoons. ii. Do cartoon perpetuate the stereotypes? Or do they accurately reflect gender language differences in society? III. Toy Story 3 mainly portrays male characters as the heroes (Buzz Lightyear and Woody), these characters dominate the scenes with dialogues and the few female characters are left in the background. Buzz and Woody command various situations with calls to action, while the feminine characters play supporting roles. We are looking to explore what types of communication each gender uses respectively to fulfill their role in the film. a. Buzz rallies toys to go to daycare* i. Authoritative figure ii. Weighs situation iii. Other toy...
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