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Motorcycle Accident Assignment

In my experience no girl has ever used a bathroom in

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Unformatted text preview: ed in class was that men are less grammatically correct, so this was my first lead. The second clue to Person A being male was in line 8. When Person A asks to use the bathroom it is noted that they use the bathroom for 30 seconds. In my experience, no girl has ever used a bathroom in less than one minute. Either this is an extremely fast female restroom- user or a man. My third clue had more weight to it. In line 5, after Person A talks about the Pirates, he says “they suck”. I decided this was a borderline curse- word and moved on. But later in the transcript Person A seemingly drops the f- word when he says, “if I didn’t have a helmet on I would be f- - - - ed up.”...
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