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Garfinkeling Experiment

Caroline and i entered and she hit three buttons in

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Unformatted text preview: Hillman Library with two girls. The two girls entered first and pressed the button for the third floor. Caroline and I then entered and she pressed the buttons for the first and second floors. Caroline then got out of the elevator on the first floor. Once the door closed one of the girls said, “did she really just ride the elevator up one floor?” Then the elevator made the unnecessary stop on the second floor and the other girl said, “Oh my god, she pressed two buttons…” Then at Pennsylvania Hall we entered the elevator on the first floor. There was already a young man in the elevator reading a newspaper. He was heading to the seventh floor and Caroline hit the buttons for floors four, five, and six. She got out on the fourth floor. The elevator then opened on the fifth floor, but the vi...
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