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Garfinkeling Experiment

Our procedure for our experiment is fairly simple the

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Unformatted text preview: rom one unnecessary button to more than five unnecessary buttons. Due to the fact that this is considered to be inconvenient and against the social expectation of hitting only one button, we wanted to see what people’s reactions would be to us pressing multiple buttons. Our procedure for our experiment is fairly simple. The first step is finding a building with elevators that stop at a minimum of four floors. Secondly, we both enter the elevator at a spot where we could ride it up or down at least four floors (note: do not enter the elevator if there is no one else already in it or entering with you, as you need someone to record their reaction). One of us was the observer and the other was the rule violator. The observer would ride to whatever floor the person/people already in the elevator was going to. The rule violator would hit two or more bu...
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