Garfinkeling Experiment

The two girls entered first and pressed the button

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Unformatted text preview: oor. Next, Drew got onto the elevator at Pennsylvania Hall and hit the button for the fifth and seventh floor. The other group of boys, however, were getting off on the eighth floor of PA. When Drew got off on the sixth floor but not the eighth, the boys looked around and told each other how annoying it was for him to do that. Drew and I got onto the elevator on the tenth floor of the Cathedral going down with another boy. Drew hit buttons to get off on the fifth and fourth floor and the boy was getting off on the first floor. This time, though, after Drew had gotten off at the fifth floor and not the fourth, the boy did not react. This was probably because he was in the process of reading a book. In the first experiment I witnessed Caroline and I entered an elevator on the ground level of the...
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