Garfinkeling Experiment

When we got to the second floor drew got out so when

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Unformatted text preview: ttons (floors must be in between the floor entered at and the victim’s destination floor). The rule violator would then get off at the first of their multiple floor button picks while the observer rides with the victim, stopping at unnecessary floors along the way and observing the victim’s reaction. For my first attempt at this experiment, Drew and I got on the elevator on the ground floor of Hillman Library with one other person. The other person pressed the button for the fourth floor, while Drew pressed the buttons for both the second and third floors. When we got to the second floor, Drew got out, so when the elevator doors proceeded to open onto the third floor and no one got out, the other student looked at me and rolled her eyes. She then muttered something about Drew being an idiot for pressing the button for the third fl...
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