Evolutionary-Developmental Biology

Scientists believe that evolution of morphology has

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Unformatted text preview: death (apoptosis) plays an important role in pattern formation and morphogenesis (so we don’t have webbed hands) Developmental Genes Contribute to Species Evolution but Also Pose Constraints • Developmental genes are highly conserved (similar) among different organisms and mutate slowly, and therefore they constrain evolution of new structures. • Scientists believe that evolution of morphology has not been a result of radically new genes, but ahs resulted from modifications of existing genes. • There are constraints in evolution because animals die if it’s not a trait that helps survival. • Example: appearance of wings o In vertebrates, wings evolved on three independent occasions. But in all cases, they appear to be modified from previously existing forelimbs. The similarities between forelimbs and wings become apparent when looking at the similar bone structures. • SUMMARY: o Many ani...
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