Restriction digest uses restriction enzymes to cut dna

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Unformatted text preview: utting DNA into fragments §༊ DNA scissors §༊ Recognize a specific DNA sequence called a recognition sequence (restriction site) §༊ Each sequence forms a palindrome: the opposite strands have the same sequence when read from the 5’ end. §༊ Restriction digest uses restriction enzymes to cut DNA. §༊ Restriction endonucleases in bacterial species: digest DNA of bacterial viruses o DNA ligase: joining DNA fragments together in new combinations §༊ in DNA replication §༊ joins Okasaki fragments o Gel electrophoresis: analysis and purification of DNA fragments o Vectors: carrying recombinant DNA into cells §༊ Self- replicating piece of DNA • Doesn’t replicate all by itself, but if it’s in a cell than it has the right instructions for the cell to make copies of it. The instructions is called the origin of replication. §༊ Optional piece of DNA (cell can live without it) §༊ Carrier for gene of interest (has to carry gene you want) §༊ Nee...
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