Animal Development

Ability of plant cells to dedifferentiate allows for

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Unformatted text preview: elopmental potency. §༊ Totipotent • Most potent • This cell can become anything • Can become an embryo cell OR a embryonic support cell (like placental cell) §༊ Pluripotent • In- between potent. • Cannot become a supporting cell, but can become any cells of the embryo. §༊ Multipotent • Least potent. • Can give rise to a particular lineage, but can’t go from like heart cell to bone. Only lineage defined. • • • Genetic clones: genetically identical. Ability of plant cells to dedifferentiate allows for formation of genetically identical plants (agricultural biotechnology) Genomic equivalence: they contain all the information necessary to become any cell in the plant. Ability to produce clones serves as evidence of genomic equivalence of somatic plant cells. All information necessary is conta...
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