Sequencing Genomes

Whats in between the start and stop codons for

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Unformatted text preview: al genomics §༊ Understanding the functions of parts of the genome based on the DNA sequence. §༊ Look at DNA sequence and try to extract information based on patterns. §༊ We can look for: • Open reading frames (ORFs) o Coding regions of the gene. What’s in between the start and stop codons for translation. o Where there are introns and extrons are. o Look for hypothetical amino acids that should come from that gene • Regulatory sequences: o Look for promoters and terminators for transcription o Look for RNA genes including rRNA, tRNA, small nuclear RNA, and microRNA genes. o Other noncoding (don’t code for protein but in many cases have other jobs) sequences that play important roles. o Comparative genomics §༊ Compare genomes usually of different organisms (could be the same organism like different breeds of dogs) §༊ Trace evolutionary relationships o Off- shoot fields of Genomics (not a type of genomics field) §༊ CONTRAST from the idea of Genetic Determinism Genetic Determinism: concept that a phenotype is determined solely by his or her genotype. • They used to think that everything you need to...
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