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Cloning and Stem Cells

Stem cells are removed during chemo or radiation

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Unformatted text preview: se to appropriate extracellular signals. o We needs cells that give rise to new cells when we need them. o Usage of stem cells: §༊ Cancer treatment (chemo- or radiation therapy) • Used in bone marrow transplantation. Stem cells are removed during chemo or radiation therapy, and then returned to the bone marrow to replenish blood cells. • Embryonic Stem Cells o Pluripotent: give rise to any adult cell except support cells o Retain ability to form all the cells in the body o ESCs can be removed from a blastocyst and grown in laboratory under defined conditions almost indefinitely. o Can be stimulated to differentiate into any cell type (except placental cells) with appropriate signals. • How do we obtain Embryonic Stem Cells: o From blastocyst stage of early embryos o Embryos obtained from in vitro fertilizations o ESCs...
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