Primary embryonic organizer organizer dorsal lip

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Unformatted text preview: complete when three germ layers have been established. at the end of gastrulation you have: blue layer, yellow layer, and red layer. That’s the whole point of gastrulation. You have three layers. Blastocoel Mesoderm Animal pole Vegetal pole • • • Ectoderm Dorsal lip of blastopore §༊ Gastrulation is important because errors in early development can occur, and they are usually impossible to reverse. How did people figure this out o Experiment by Spemann and Mangold §༊ Dorsal lip tissue of early blastopore in salamanders has potential to organize embryo formation on its own. §༊ Primary embryonic organizer (organizer): dorsal lip tissue §༊ They had blastulas and zygotes they could modify and it turned out that if you took a blastula that hasn’t gone through the whole gastrulation (presumptive mesoderm) and cut it and put it into another part, th...
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