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Regional called dorsal lip in which some cells called

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Unformatted text preview: know where were the tissues early on and what kind of signals did they receive. These germ layers show us this. o Example: amphibian gastrulation §༊ Begins when bottle cells in gray crescent change shape and move inward §༊ Bottle cells form dorsal lip of blastopore, which becomes the anus of the adult animal. §༊ Regional called dorsal lip in which some cells (called bottle cells) move from the outside to the inside. §༊ §༊ §༊ §༊ §༊ §༊ §༊ Becomes a pore (archenteron) and that pore exists until it becomes a developing embryo. Pore forms the digestive tract. Archenteron: some of the involuting cells form the primitive gut. Becomes digestive tract and gets bigger and bigger. Blastocoel (fluid- filled space due to archenteron become larger) is displaced by surrounding endoderm and mesoderm, and eventually destroyed Gastrulation is...
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