Bicoid protein gradient affect gene expression

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Unformatted text preview: Zygote goes through superficial cleavage (DNA becomes more abundant but no cytokinesis) o Maternal Effect Genes determine anterior- posterior axis of unfertilized egg o mRNA is being deposited into the unfertilized cell by the mother (come from the mother) and have effect on development §༊ Bicoid • Morphogen that acts as a transcription factor. • Bicoid protein gradient affect gene expression. • §༊ • Nanos • Also forms a concentration gradient, except it is opposite that of bicoid. • Together bicoid and nanos help establish the anterior- posterior axis of the embryo. • §༊ §༊ §༊ These two define what’s going to be anterior or posterior Anterior is where the Bicoid concentration is the highest (and Nanos is the lowest) (genes for the hea...
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