Inducers that are involved in particular things in

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Unformatted text preview: location. This information often comes in form of inducer molecules. §༊ Morphogens: inducers that provide positional information (pattern formation). Inducers that are involved in particular things in cell development. §༊ Cells in different locations express genes that are specific and appropriate for that location. Gene expression is at play. o French Flag Model of Morphogen Action §༊ Morphogens affect target cell fate in a concentration- dependent manner • §༊ §༊ Concentration determines fate Example: Fruit Fly o Flies must establish: §༊ Anterior- posterior and dorsal- ventral axes §༊ Segments along the anterior- posterior axis §༊ Specific identities of each segment (thoracic, abdominal, etc.) o...
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