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so one reality is more compelling so that means that

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Unformatted text preview: just have to deal with all of these- you have to deal with thte fact that all things are possiblep that is an odd challenge for us bc we never get a singular answer- but even with all possiblities- are some of them more compelling then the others?? So one reality is more compelling- so that means that for you, that reality is more attractive botkin- allows zembla to exist nicely- bc he is crazy- there oculd have very well have been an escape- but how does that make it any more real than if kinbote said it??- maybe kinbote is right though- all of the things that he was feeding shade are right and that they are in the poem like what kinbote said- another possibility, he is the king but he is deranged and thinks everyone is just like him does zembla exist?? Unanswerable- also, who wrote the story is impossible to know as well—whole different problem you cant understand works without reading other ones- system expands- you need to understand that all works relate and all connected in some way- you don’t just...
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