Insignificant how it gets there not just that there

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Unformatted text preview: ttempt at a reality - Nothing really matters- bc the attack happened, it was delayed but it still happened- everything that we are about to read has some futility to it- you become invested eventually in the plight of tsun serving german authority- he is trying to prove something to them- this seems like a nobel cause- but it is ultimately meaningless- very important - Who can we believe- who can we trust - The end is all that matters- it is insignificant how it gets there- not just that there is- the difference is that the different reads are intentional- its not just choosing a different sid, it’s the fact that you choose a side limits your understanding of the other - Written word- has lasting value - High pressure instability- time is the instability - Tension- is powerful- we expect madden to appear at any...
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