Though he is very eager to tell us r author inside

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Unformatted text preview: that he is crazy- he doesn’t underreport bc he thinks his uadience doesn’t think he is crazy but inreality, we have seen a lot where we are lead to believe that he is crazy after all • Kinbode- homosexual and pedophile- he is also the kind og zembla- creates major fictional gap of space that we need to look into • Kinbote- never really tells Shade who he is- even though he is very eager to tell us- • R. Author- > inside text: [ implied author- >narrator- >narrative audience- >authorial audience]- > reader • Implied author has interpretation- “I want you to see kimbote as crazy” so i.a. speaks through kimbote in order to get us to see what he wants us to see • Is kinbote reporting accurately? Yes he is, but he doesn’t see this as being rue to him, he just sees it as other people’s ignorance- • We believe this fictional world, we must as a narrative audience- • Prob with pale fire is that it is v. difficut to determine what the truth is- problem or possibility? Canto 1- - dark, morose, shadows,...
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