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Brian Federico FS 111-003 Professor Olivier Sept. 10th, 2006 Journal Write #2: Ecstasy Isn’t and Rape The case study “Ecstasy Isn’t” by William Clarke examines an April 1996 incident on campus in which a female student was arrested for possessing and possibly distributing several controlled drugs. Carla Holbrook was caught having a ½ pound of marijuana, packaged in 19 sandwich bag sized plastic bags, two small pill containers containing 2 Ecstasy pills and 3 Acid Gel Tabs, a triple beam balance scale, several bongs and $273 in cash. I believe that the judicial board made the right decision in their sanction of permanent expulsion because she blatantly disregarded state and federal laws, as well as Bentley College rules, and it was clear that she was dealing. I believe that controlled drugs are much more serious compared to alcohol because drugs are always
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Unformatted text preview: illegal but alcohol is legal at the age of 21. I believe Bentley not only had to make an example of her to show that this kind of behavior can not be tolerated, but they also had to keep up their reputation of sternly handling incidents dealing with students who break Bentley’s code of ethics. I believe that rape is a very serious issue that occurs on college campuses nationwide. There are few instances where the women actually charge their attacker because many feel that the rape was their own fault, or feel that no one will believe them. I feel that it occurs fairly often where an upperclassman will get younger women very drunk and take advantage of them. I like the way Playwright groups try to make everyone aware of this serious issue and try to give out information that will help rape victims....
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