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Unformatted text preview: ke the lead in jet airline The transportation. It halved flight times and had very high load factors. Air France then started to use the Comet on Air some of its routes as well some In the mean time the U.S. was still using the In DC-7 and Super Constellation DC-7 40 The British Comet A series of accidents brought about the end series of the Comet’s use by the airlines of It was found that the repeated cycles of It pressurizing the aircraft for high altitude flight, fatigued the skin around a window, causing rupture of the skin and disintegration of the aircraft. disintegration 41 America Catches Up Boeing had already Boeing designed the B-47 and B-52 jet bombers. B-52 At this time (early At 1950s), the only tanker that could refuel these aircraft was the piston powered KC-97 powered 42 America Catches Up However, the KC-97 was not adequate for However, the job. It could not fly fast enough to be an efficient aerial tanker for the jet bombers efficient In 1952 the Boeing Board authorized In significant expenditures to design and develop a jet tanker. This prototype was the model 367-80, or This “dash 80”. It’s later designation was “707”!! “dash 43 America Catches Up The 707 design was adapted through wind The tunnel testing for over 4,000 hrs. It had redundant systems, overlapping It structural components, plug type doors for better pressurization seals, and spot welds. better Boeing incorporated Titanium, which was Boeing stronger than steel and light as aluminum stronger 44 America Catches Up For Boeing the For gamble paid off. The Air Force, in 1955, ordered its first jet tanker. tanker. This was the KC135 45 America Catches Up It wasn’t until 1958 that the first 707 entered It commercial airline service commercial Juan Trippe of Pan American, took the Juan chance, as he had earlier with the Fokker Tri-motors and the Clipper ships; and was the first to order the Boeing 707 the He placed an order for 20 of the aircraft 46 America Catches Up On October 26, 1958 Pan American On became the first American air carrier to inaugurate scheduled jet service with the 707 between New York and Paris 707 National Airlines began the first domestic jet National service in December of 1958 on flights between New York and Miami between 47 America Catches Up The airlines found the jet aircraft to be economical: Load factors were high (almost twice that of the DC-7) DC-7) The engines were extremely reliable expanding the Time Between Overh...
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