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Module_5_WWII_FAA_Act (1)

Transport iata association finally authorized these

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Unformatted text preview: horized these small carriers to fly mixed class aircraft carriers The modern form of aircraft configuration The was thus born was TWA was the first to begin domestic TWA operations with both fare classes on the same airplane same 22 End of an Era The post-war period of the late 1940s and The early 1950s was to be the end of the era of the big propeller passenger transports. the The DC-4 had seen the airlines through the The war, and afterwards stretched versions were placed into production. 23 End of an Era Boeing had introduced Boeing the B-377 Stratocruiser in 1948 in In was a double-deck In aircraft which transported in passengers in luxury passengers However, it had a However, terrible safety record terrible 24 End of an Era The DC-6 was The launched in coast to coast service in April 1947 by United Airlines 1947 The DC-7 proved to be The the first true transatlantic airplane, flying in either direction with a full load with 25 End of an Era With the DC-7, Pan American regained its With leadership position over TWA, which was flying the expensive to operate Constellations Constellations The DC-7 made its first non-stop The transatlantic crossing in 1957 transatlantic However, the limits of the piston engine had However, been reached. It was time for the jet age!!! been 26 Types of Jet Engines 27 Jets Early research was begun in both Germany Early and England and In England, an RAF officer, Frank Whittle In conceived the idea that a gas turbine could be used to produce a source of thrust for propulsion propulsion 28 Jets In 1930 Whittle was In granted a patent for his design, which was complete with compressor, combustion chamber, and turbine and 29 Jets It wasn’t until 1935 that he received some private funding It to continue his research. to In 1939, at the advent of WWII in conjunction with the In Gloster Aircraft Co., he was given a contract to produce England’s first fighter jet airplane, the Meteor England’s 30 Jets In Germany, Hans von Ohain was also In developing jet power for the Heinkel company company His engine, the Jumo 004 was incorporated His into the Me262, the first operational jet fighter aircraft. The Me262 saw use towards the end of WWII the 31 Jets In Octobe...
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