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Advances great technological leaps occurred in great

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Unformatted text preview: technological leaps occurred in Great aircraft, engines, and systems aircraft, After the war, the United States was in the After position to take leadership roles in aviation. position 12 A New Beginning Real growth of the airlines during the war Real was slowed. was After the war however, the growth of the After airline industry continued airline Before the war, the industry had about 6200 Before seats available seats By 1946, the airlines had tripled their By seating capacity to 19,000 available seats seating 13 A New Beginning The cost of airline travel had fallen enough The for the fares to be competitive with first class railroad fares railroad The airlines were catering to the first class The passenger at this time passenger In December of 1945 TWA launched In transatlantic service with a VIP flight to Paris. Paris. 14 A New Beginning The Constellation and The later the Super Constellation was pressurized with a cruise speed of 280 miles per hour miles 15 A New Beginning Airline management soon came to realize Airline that a vast untapped market existed that The entire American middle class was a The source of passengers ready to be tapped source 16 A New Beginning Mass transit, facilitated by the big airlines, Mass was about to begin. was After the war, the CAB began loosening the After regulations that bound the air traveling public to the scheduled airlines. public This began the era of the non-scheduled This airlines, the “non-skeds” airlines, 17 A New Beginning The non-skeds flew when the passenger The count was high enough to justify the flight. count The would fly coast to coast at prices that The were 30% less than the scheduled airlines, and the public loved it!! and 18 A New Beginning Domestically the airlines began to fight back Domestically against the nonsked competitors against Capitol airlines became the first scheduled Capitol airline to offer “coach-class” service on their NY to Chicago route NY Their fares were 2/3 the standard 19 A New Beginning By 1955 the airlines had passed the By railroads in the number of passengers carried carried 20 A New Beginning Initially the airlines either had their aircraft Initially configured to fly either all first class, or all coach coach The smaller international carriers The complained saying they couldn’t compete because they didn’t have enough aircraft to fly two different types of service fly 21 A New Beginning IATA, the International Air Transport IATA, Association finally aut...
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