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Module_5_WWII_FAA_Act (1)

And an air force jet in collided and then again in

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Unformatted text preview: al Aviation Act Finally unified authority for rule making for Finally control of all aircraft, military and civilian, was placed with the CAB. was This change then gave the CAA the This authority to administer the rules authority The CAA mandated that positive control for The aircraft flying about 24,000 ft would be in effect 57 The Federal Aviation Act Positive control would also be mandated for Positive 3 designated transcontinental routes at altitudes between 17,000 and 22,000 ft. altitudes It was no longer legal to fly VFR in that It airspace airspace All these events brought about the Federal All Aviation Act of 1958 Aviation 58 The Federal Aviation Act This legislation was authored by Senator This Mike Monroney of Oklahoma. Mike The Act did the following: 1. Incorporated virtually all provisions of the Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938 that related to economic regulation economic 2. Authority for such regulation was retained in the CAB in 59 The Federal Aviation Act 3. The CAA was abolished and a new agency the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) was created Federal 4. The FAA was given authority to formulate and implement long range plans regarding aviation and aviation safety aviation 5. All air safety research and developments was consolidated and placed within the FAA consolidated 60 The Federal Aviation Act 6. Jurisdiction over suspension or revocation of airmen certificates was removed from the CAB and placed with the FAA and 7. The CAB then became the appeals board to review the FAA Administrator’s certificate actions review 8. The CAB retained its responsibility for aircraft accident investigations as well as economic regulation of the airlines regulation 61 The Federal Aviation Act 9. The Federal Aviation Agency was an independent agency answerable to Congress Congress 62 The Federal Aviation Act In 1958 retired Air Force General “Pete” In Quesada was appointed as the first Administrator Administrator He stepped up enforcement procedures in He the airlines and led the way to the use of military-style radars to control civilian traffic military-style 63 The Federal Aviation Act It was this Act that finally set the U.S. airline It industry on its path to great growth and safety over the ensuing decades safety 64...
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