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Module_5_WWII_FAA_Act (1)

Training the army air corps formed a ferrying the

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Unformatted text preview: training. The Army Air Corps formed a ferrying The service to deliver aircraft to England and to shuttle ferry pilots back to North America. Many of the airlines contributed pilots to this cause cause 6 Pan American Due to its experience in flying long international, Due over water routes, Pan American became an important war asset important Pan American also had experience in building Pan airfields in remote areas, and their expertise was greatly needed. greatly Pan American built many airfields throughout the Pan Caribbean and down to South America. These fields would be needed to service those aircraft flying to Europe and Africa flying 7 Pan American Pan American’s five divisions flew half of all Pan contract miles flown by all airlines for the U.S. military. U.S. 8 The Airlines at War At the beginning of the war, there were only At some 365 transport aircraft in the United States States By war’s end, over 300,000 aircraft will have By been produced been The main production effort, was for fighters The and bombers. However over 10,000 DC-3s and 1,000 DC-4s were produced and 9 The Airlines at War The DC-3 became the C-47, and the DC-4 The became the C-54 of the military became It was during the war that the air carriers It became a success for the first time. became American air carriers began to make money American for the first time since 1934. for The main effort of the airlines, during the The war, was as contract carriers for the military war, 10 The Airlines at War The government allocated specific areas of The responsibility to the various airlines responsibility Northeast Airlines got the North Atlantic Northeast Northwest got the Alaska route Northwest Eastern went to the Caribbean and Brazil Eastern American flew to South America American TWA had the transatlantic route to Egypt TWA Pan American flew all over the world and flew half of all contract miles flown by all airlines of 11 Conclusion The war led to many technological The advances in aviation. advances Great...
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