Pressure remains at 1 atm throughout and assume heat

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Unformatted text preview: ), the complex 3-dimensional structure of the protein spontaneously unfolds. Pressure remains at 1 atm throughout, and assume heat capacities are independent of temperature. In addition, you are given the following data: ∆H° = +1000 kJ/mol for unfolding reaction (independent of temperature) Cpunfolded - Cpfolded = 6.28 kJ/mol/K (independent of temperature) 1.If the transition temperature represents the point where the folded and unfolded albumin are at equilibrium, calculate the entropy of unfolding at 69°C. 2.Defining the system as albumin only, does disorder in the system increases or decreases when albumin unfolds and why? 3.Calculate the entropy of unfolding at 25°C. a. First, draw a 3-step process that would make use of your result from part (a). b. Second, calculate the entropy of unfolding at 25°C. Sample Problem 5: Effect of Temperature on Water Evaporation 1. Calculate the change in Gibbs free energy for water going from liquid at 35°C to vapor at 35°C. Use data from the tables at the back of the book, and assume that the e...
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