Journal One Instructions

Click the more button to see the top ten songs 4 any

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Unformatted text preview: 3. Any song that is in the Rhapsody top ten (scroll down on main rhapsody page, and look at the list that says “Popular”. Click the “More” button to see the top ten songs). 4. Any song from the textbook chapters 2  ­ 8 (click the “Playlists” button and find a song that you’d like to listen to for this assignment). Turn in your journals as a .doc, a .docx or a .pdf file into the Dropbox on d2l. A paragraph is approximately 150 words, more or less. It will often have 7 ­8 sentences. Don’t skimp on the writing, but see if you can find a place where you just write freely, whatever comes to mind. These kind of journal entries will always be graded based on whether you:  ­chose a song that fit the guidelines,  ­wrote a complete entry  ­don’t appear to be writing all of the entries in a single day Grammar and writing style will not be a factor in your grade for this kind of entry....
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