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Unformatted text preview: lls calls Database Server with DBMS 63 Server Source: Microsoft® Visual InterDevTM: The Integrated Development Tool for Building Active Server Web Applications, Product Whitepaper, November 1996 Executable program Executable program • •Database storage Database storage • •Database transactions Database transactions • •Stored procedures Stored procedures . Copyright © 2009-10 Y.M. Cheung, William Tan and Carson Woo • •HTML forms processing HTML forms processing • •State management State management • •Executable program calls Executable program calls • •Server-side scripting Server-side scripting Client generated HTML document • Used for data that are not updated frequently BUSI 335 62 Server Copyright © 2009-10 Y.M. Cheung, William Tan and Carson Woo 64 Web Database Application Technologies The CGI Data-Flow Process 1. Submit HTTP request • Common Gateway Interface (CGI) – Provide a standard interface between the Web server and external applications (known as CGI programs) – CGI programs can be written in different languages such as C, C++, Perl, Visual Basic, Java, Tcl,, and so on – CGI programs extend the functionality of a Web server – The programs generate HTML documents “on-the-fly” Web Client 2. Client data to CGI program Web Server 5. Server passes response to client Databases Other Applications CGI Program(s) 4. CGI response to client Other 3. CGI read / Web Resources process data Source: World Wide Web Database Developer’s Guide with Visual Basic 5 1. A Web client sends request to a Web server (e.g. www.abc.com/dbml.exe) 2. Data from the client is passed from the server to the CGI program referenced in the URL 3. The CGI program reads the client’s data and processes the data 4. The CGI program generates a response to the client in the form of an HTML document (but it can be some other type of document) 5. The response is returned to the client by the Web server BUSI 335 Copyright © 2009-10 Y.M. Cheung, William Tan and Carson Woo 65 BUSI 335 Common Gateway Interface Programming • Scripting Technologies re...
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