8 - Distributed Systems

G library systems typical of 1st generation of single

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Unformatted text preview: and minicomputer DBMSs (e.g., library systems) • Typical of 1st generation of single-user microcomputer database (e.g., Access assignment) Source: Database Systems by Rob and Coronel BUSI 335 Copyright © 2009-10 Y.M. Cheung, William Tan and Carson Woo 9 BUSI 335 Multiple-Site Processing, Single Single-Site Data (MPSD) Data (MPSD) • Fully distributed DBMS with support for server (i.e., the server appears as another hard disk) multiple data processors and transaction processors at multiple sites • Homogeneous DDBMS: • Typically, applications access the databases through a local area network (LAN) – integrates only one type of DBMS over the network (e.g., (e.g., Oracle or DB2) • Inefficient if large databases are involved • Heterogeneous DDBMS – e.g., SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE TotalSales > 1000000 Copyright © 2009-10 Y.M. Cheung, William Tan and Carson Woo 10 Multiple-Site Processing, Multiple Multiple-Site Data (MPMD) Data (MPMD) • Database files are stored on a ne...
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