CBE 162 Lab 1

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Unformatted text preview: to command window [t,C]=ode45(@concentration, [0:10], [1 5 0 0]); plot(t,C(:,1));xlabel('Time (min)');ylabel('Concentration of A (mol/L)');title('Problem 3c Concentration of A vs Time') >> plot(t,C(:,2));xlabel('Time (min)');ylabel('Concentration of B (mol/L)');title('Problem 3c Concentration of B vs Time') >> plot(t,C(:,3));xlabel('Time (min)');ylabel('Concentration of AB* (mol/L)');title('Problem 3c Concentration of AB* vs Time') >> plot(t,C(:,4));xlabel('Time (min)');ylabel('Concentration of C (mol/L)');title('Problem 3c Concentration of C vs Time') Ashley Scott CBE 162 Lab 1 Ashley Scott CBE 162 Lab 1 Assuming 60 mph stands for miles per hour in this case, we must convert 60 mph to meters. 60 miles per hour = 26.8224 m/s, using Google search function. This makes sense, because as the car displaces more railing, its velocity should decrease....
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