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Unformatted text preview: e on the Canvas course site. EXAMS There are two midterm exams and one final exam in this course. The dates for these exams are provided in the course schedule at the end of this document and on Canvas. Chemistry knowledge is cumulative so questions on exams will often depend on knowledge from earlier chapters. Exam Protocol Bring a few # 2 pencils, a couple Scantron forms, your calculator, and a photo ID to all exams. Submitted Scantron forms must be filled out completely. Any identifying information (name, student number, section letters, and test version) that is missing or incomplete will result in a 5‐point deduction from your exam score. All answers must be reported on the Scantron form by the end of the exam in order to be graded. You must sit according to the seating charts that will be posted on the course website prior to Exam 1. Midterm exams will be returned in Discussion Section, and the keys will be posted on Canvas. Final exams will not be returned, and the key will not be posted on Canvas. However, you may contact Dr. Craig after the quarter to review your final and the key. Page 6 of 8 UW CHEM 152 A & B Winter 2014 COURSE SCHEDULE Any changes to this schedule will be announced in class and on the course website. Assigned sections from Zumdahl should be read prior to the indicated lecture. Note: DS = “Discussion Section” L = “Lecture” WS = “Worksheet” Obj = “Objective” Week LECTURE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 DS LAB Monday Wednesday Friday T or Th M,T,W,Th,or F All due at 11p Jan 6 8 10 7, 9 Introductions L01: Acid‐Base equil + common ion (8.1) L02: Buffers, Buffer Capacity (8.2, 4) L03: Strong acid/ Strong base titration (4.9, 8.5) WS: CHEM 142 Review, 8.1 Jan 13 15 17 14, 16 L04: Weak acid/ Strong base titration (8.5 continued) L05: Energy (9.1) L06: Enthalpy, Thermo of Ideal Gases (9.2‐3) WS: 8.2, 4‐5 Jan 20 22 24 21, 23 Martin Luther King Day No Class L07: More Thermo of L08: Calorimetry, Ideal Gases (5.1‐3, Hess’s Law (9.4‐5) 9.3) WS: 9.1‐3 Jan 27 29 28, 30 L09: Standard Heats of Formation (9.6) Exam 1 Review Feb 3 5 L10: Statistical Definition of E...
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