Followingthisyourtawillhandouta worksheet containing

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Unformatted text preview: lecture). My lectures will cover only highlights of the textbook material. Common Courtesy. Out of respect for me and for your classmates, observe the following rules: Arrive on time. If an emergency causes you to arrive late, complete all noise‐making (removing your coat, getting out notes, zipping up your bag, turning off your phone) before you enter the class, and find a seat on the periphery. Do not pack up your belongings before the end of class. Keep side conversations to a minimum. Keep your cell phone or pager on silent, and do not send or read text messages. Do not browse or read materials that are unrelated to the lecture. This includes – but is not limited to – newspapers, books, magazines, and the internet. Attendance in lecture is encouraged, but not required. If you don’t want to be in class to pay attention, don’t come. Students who are not paying attention are a distraction to students who are paying attention. If you are causing a distraction to other students, I will ask you to leave. DISCUSSION SECTION In the weekly discussion section, your TA will spend 10‐15 minutes going over important aspects of the upcoming laboratory experiment, and make class‐related announcements. Following this your TA will hand out a worksheet containing problems relevant to current lecture topics, which you will work on with a group of classmates. The worksheet problems are intended to help you synthesize the material covered in the previous week’s lectures, therefore, they will be quite challenging. These worksheets will be graded on participation only. To earn a participation point, arrive to discussion section on time and collaborate in good faith with your colleagues. If you arrive late, or if you engage in activities unrelated to CHEM 152, you will not be awarded participation credit for that day. Page 5 of 8 UW CHEM 152 A & B Winter 2014 ONLINE LEARNING (ALEKS) This course will use the internet‐based learning program ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces). In AL...
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