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Unformatted text preview: earn more, but you will probably also enjoy the course more. Page 3 of 8 UW CHEM 152 A & B Winter 2014 COURSE COMPONENTS AND GRADING The course consists of: 3 lectures per week 1 discussion section per week 1 three‐hour lab session certain weeks of the quarter (6 labs total – see the Labs document for details.) Daily work in the ALEKS online learning environment Online prelab and paper‐based post‐lab assignments The point distribution for the evaluative components of the course is as follows: 2 Midterm exams (45 minutes each) Final exam (1 hour 45 minutes) Participation ALEKS (50% Objectives, 50% Pie Mastery through Assessment) Laboratory TOTAL 40% 30% 5% 10% 15% 100% Midterm Exams will focus on the most recent set of lectures, but since chemistry is a cumulative subject by nature, I will assume that you have a firm understanding of material from earlier in the quarter and from CHEM 142 when I write the exam questions. Midterm exams are multiple choice, and are worth 100 points each. The Final Exam is cumulative. I will provide details about the percentage by points of each course unit on the final towards the end of the quarter. The final exam is multiple choice, and worth 150 points. Your Participation score is comprised primarily of participating in the Discussion Sections (see below). You may miss one Discussion Section without penalty. Each Discussion Section is worth 1 point. Your ALEKS grade is constructed from your ten objective scores and the percent of the pie you complete by the end of the quarter as measured by assessment. The more of the pie you complete, the higher your ALEKS score will be, but you do not have to complete the entire pie to earn credit for ALEKS. Similarly, you do not have to complete all the topics in an Objective to earn credit. Whatever percentage of topics you complete by the due date will be your score for that Objective. Each Objective is worth 10 points. Your Laboratory grade is comprised of six prelab quizzes (5 pts/ea), six postlab r...
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