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Unformatted text preview: eports (60 pts/ea), the Undergraduate Stockroom contract (5 pts), and the Safety Quiz (5 pts). Grade Distribution. The final mean GPA in Chemistry 152 generally falls within the range 2.6 +/‐ 0.2. It is the Chemistry Department’s policy not to make grade changes of 0.1 after final class grades are submitted to the UW Registrar. Monitor your Scores. Your scores for Participation, Lab, and Exams will be recorded using the online Gradebook that is part of UW’s Catalyst Web Tools (you can access the gradebook through your “MyUW” account, by logging in at, or through the link on Canvas). Your ALEKS scores can be monitored through the Gradebook and Reports tabs on ALEKS (see the ALEKS FAQ on Canvas for more details). Your overall ALEKS grade will be imported to the Catalyst Gradebook at the end of the quarter. Page 4 of 8 UW CHEM 152 A & B Winter 2014 ACADEMIC ETHICS Original work performed in good faith is assumed on all assignments and course components. The Student Conduct Code (see outlines the following forms of academic misconduct: Intentional misrepresentation of credentials Falsification of data Plagiarism Failure to adhere to this code of ethics will result in referral for possible disciplinary action as described in the Student Conduct Code. If you have not done something yourself, do not attempt to pass it off as original work. If you have questions about what might cross the line, please do not hesitate to ask your lab or class instructor. It is presumed that the data you record and report in laboratory, and the work you submit in an exam, is your work. In addition, all data analysis and writing you submit should be yours alone, even if you collected data with a laboratory partner. We often find examples of plagiarism in which lab reports are copied from someone else, or from an earlier quarter. LECTURES Lecture Schedule. An approximate schedule for the chapters to be covered each week is at the end of this document. You are responsible for material covered in class AND in the textbook (whether or not it was covered in...
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