Some cant handle the large workload while others find

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Unformatted text preview: e for lectures and 1 week in advance for exams. You will be required to provide documentation for your absence. Make- up exams will not be given in general. If you miss an exam due to unavoidable, compelling, and well- documented circumstances, your final exam will be weighted more heavily. Calculators and notes: You may need a scientific calculator for Math 307. GRAPHING CALCULATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED on exams in Math 307. A graphing calculator is any device with a multiline display that has the ability to graph mathematical functions. A single, hand- written 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of notes is allowed during exams. You may write on both sides. Class Philosophy: There are two vital rules for success in my classroom. 1. THE HOMEWORK IS THE KEY: In mathematics, breakthroughs in learning rarely occur while reading the text or attending lecture. Mathematics is truly learned when you completely solve a problem yourself and understand the underlying concepts and tools so as to be able to apply them to related problems. The lecture, tutorial sessions, and office hours are valuable tools in guiding you towards learning and discovery, but ultimately the concepts and solutions must be absorbed, understood, and applied by you alone. Treat each problem as an exam question and ask yourself, “Can I answer this question without any help and do I understand the underlying principles that this problem conveys?” If your answer is no to either of these question (or if you hesitate at all), then you need more studying and practice. 2. ASK FOR HELP: Most students will hit a wall at some...
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