Which ones are most appropriate for these samples and

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Unformatted text preview: 4‰. Calculate the temperatures of precipitation using the six different A values on the attached table. Which one(s) are most appropriate for these samples and why? 3). Using the A values for SP ­GA from Sakai (1968) and Grootenboer and Schwarz (1969), plot a graph of α for SP ­GA between 50°C and 600°C using 50°C temperature increments. The graphs are typically given as 103lnα versus 106/T2 as illustrated in class. Discuss the two curves. 4) The following sulfur isotope data (δ34S) were collected from a mineral occurrence: Sample Galena δ 34S Sphalerite δ 34S Rock 2  ­1.15 ‰ +0.95 ‰ Rock 3  ­1.11 ‰ +0.87 ‰ Rock 4  ­1.42 ‰ +1.03 ‰ Rock 5  ­...
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