B what type of mineral deposit do you think these

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Unformatted text preview: 1.71 ‰ +0.01 ‰ The fractionation, Δsp ­ga, between galena and sphalerite is temperature dependant as described by: Δsp ­ga = (1.02 x 106)/T2 a) Assuming that these minerals are in equilibrium, calculate the temperature at which they were formed. b) What type of mineral deposit do you think these minerals may have formed from? Take into consideration the temperatures and the mineral assemblage. NOTE: Temperature in these equations is in oK, and you must convert to oC. ISOTOPE FRACTIONATION OF SULFUR AMONG COEXISTING SULPHIDE MINERALS IN ISOTOPIC EQUILIBRIUM WITH AN EXTERNAL SULFUR RESERVOIRa Mineral Pair A T°C Reference pyrite ­galena 1...
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