4 deposits like vms deposits are too small and do not

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Unformatted text preview: 5 $1211 Using the top 25 deposits from Part 1, calculate the cumulative value for gold for these deposits using the above gold values for the different years. Create a bar chart plotting the cumulative value as a function of year. You only have to hand in the bar chart as part of this lab (20 marks). 2) Can you explain why gold is highest in cumulative value in 1980 and 2011- 2013. Think about inflation, wars, and other socio- political events (20 marks). Solutions 1) 2) Porphyry Cu- Mo, gold, Ni- Cu sulfide, sediment- hosted Zn- Pb, then VMS. 3) Porphyry, gold, Ni- Cu sulfides are favoured by major c...
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