The data can be found in spreadsheet entitled es4211

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Unformatted text preview: enor of the sulfides will be. In this laboratory we will investigate how R- factor effects the concentrations of Ni, Cu, Pt, and Pd in magmatic sulfide systems. The data can be found in spreadsheet entitled: ES4211- Lab2.xls. The R- factor is defined as follows: Cc = Cl D( R + 1) R + D where: Cc = concentration of element i in the sulfide liquid; Cl = concentration of element I in the parental silicate liquid; € D = partition coefficient for element I between the sulfide liquid and the silicate liquid; R = R- factor, the ratio of the mass of silicate liquid that the sulfide liquid has equilibrated with. 1) In spreadsheet ES4211_Lab2.xls...
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