Module 2 introduction to igneous lithogeochemistry as

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Unformatted text preview: Quality Assurance (QA/QC) – topics include assay versus hypothesis- driven sampling; sample preparation and sample dissolution; analytical methodologies (XRF, INAA, ICP- ES, ICP- MS, EMPA, SEM, TIMS, IRMS, MC- ICP- MS); QA/QC methods including the utilization of standards and reference materials, scatterplots, Thompson- Howarth plots, and Shewart control charts. Module 2 – Introduction to Igneous Lithogeochemistry as Applied to Geological Problems – element nomenclature; behaviour of elements and element 2 ratios during igneous processes (partial melting, fractional crystallization); element mobility and screening altered samples; processing igneous lithogeochemical datasets – towards a systematic approach; multi- element normalized plots – philosophy, construction, and interpretation; trace element discrimination diagrams. Module 3 – Lithogeochemistry of Clastic and Hydrothermal Sedimentary Rocks – basics of sedimentation (weathering, erosion, diagenesis) and effects on sediment geochemistry; tools for understanding the provenance of sedimentary rocks; redox sensitive elements and using sediment geochemistry to evaluate oceanic oxidation state in shales; hydrothermal sediment...
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