G detrital zircon dating or when you need spatial

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Unformatted text preview: zircon dating), or when you need spatial resolution (e.g., inheritance patterns, overgrowths on grains). • Typically use TIMS/SHRIMP in tandem. Wednesday, 15 August, 12 get images from Kamber Wednesday, 15 August, 12 get images from Kamber Wednesday, 15 August, 12 LA-ICPMS: Schematic setup From Gunther&Hattendorf (2005) Wednesday, 15 August, 12 Comparison of Methods TIMS SHRIMP LA-ICP-MS Precision Outstanding <TIMS <TIMS, <SHRIMP Spatial Resolution Poor Outstanding Outstanding Labour Intensive Yes Yes, but <TIMS Yes, but <TIMS Costs High High Moderate Time for Analysis Long >SHRIMP, LAICP-MS Moderate (50-100 analyses per day) Quick (~100 analyses per day) Instrument or Analysis Access Relatively easy Very difficult Relatively easy GSC (U Alberta is getting one) MUN, UQAM, UQAC, Laval, McGill, U of T, GSC, Queen's, Laurentian, Windsor, Manitoba, U of S, U of A, UBC, UVIC Labs in Canada Wednesday, 15 August, 12 MUN, UQAM U of T, U of S, Carleton, GSC, U of A, UBC Comparison of Methods TIMS Primary Usage Wednesday, 15 August, 12 High precision, igneous crystallization ages (and more) SHRIMP LA-ICP-MS Where spatial Quick and dirty resolution is igneous ages. Spatial needed. Complex resoluti...
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