2 i will respond to emails in as timely a manner as

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Unformatted text preview: available outside of these hours or without an appointment. Email Policy “Memorial University of Newfoundland ensures that each student and employee is provided with a single e- mail address as required. Official e- mail correspondence from Memorial will be sent only to the Memorial address and not to any other e- mail address. Memorial is not obliged to accept e- mail from a student or an employee unless it comes from a valid Memorial address.” 2 I will respond to emails in as timely a manner as possible; however, I am notoriously bad with keeping up with email. Most email will be responded to during office hours. Secondly, I do not respond to course related email during evenings, weekends, or on holidays. If you require a quick response to a question it is best to talk to me in person by either contacting me during office hours, immediately after class or before class. Please note that your email should be courteous, include a salutation, and should be to the point. In doing this it will ensure I can deal with your email in an efficient manner. Policy on Recording Devices Recording devices are permitted in classrooms at Memorial, however, they require consent of the instructor (i.e., me). The Memorial Policy, and that adopted by this course is as follows “The lectures and displays (and all material) delivered or provided in Earth Sciences 4211 by Dr. Stephen J. Piercey, including any visual or audio recording thereof are subject to copyright owned by Dr. Ste...
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