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Unformatted text preview: The term papers will constitute a significant proportion of the course mark and will also involve a brief (20 minute) presentation that provides a key summary for your colleagues in the class. Topics of the papers should be in some aspect of Economic Geology and should be determined jointly between you, your supervisor, and the instructors. For those of you whom are completing BSc. (Hons.) dissertations, choose a topic that would be appropriate for you particular study. For example, one year a student who was completing a BSc. study on nitrogen isotopes in lichen completed a term paper on the application of N isotopes in the study of diamonds 5 and kimberlites. For those not completing a dissertation, choose a topic of some interest to yourself. Make your decision early and tell me what your topic is, such that we make sure there are not duplicate studies. Papers will not exceed 5000 words in length and papers that exceed this length will receive lower grades. Papers need not be 5000 words, however. Papers must include all cited references and should follow the guidelines set out in the instructions to authors of Economic Geology ( While the papers are review articles it is important that these articles be summaries and written in your own words (i.e., not cut and pasted from PDF files). The latter is considered plagiarism and is a serious offense1. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not plagiarize your term papers. Furthermore, any evidence o...
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