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Basic structure of the Cell January 15(1)

Lipids 2 phospholipidscholesterol insoluble and

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Unformatted text preview: •  Water 70- 85% •  Ions: K, Mg, PO4, HCO3, Na, Cl, Ca •  Proteins: 10- 20% Structural (long filamentsè༎microtubulesè༎ cytoskeleton) Func<onal Tubular- globular form: (enzymes) Cont. •  Lipids: 2% Phospholipids/cholesterol Insoluble and present in cell membrane Triglycerides: 95% of cell mass •  Carbohydrates: 1% Nutri<on: glucose, glycogen Physical structure of the cell Highly organized physical structures (intracellular organelles) Cont. Membranous structure of the cell •  Cell membrane (plasma membrane): 55% phospholipids, 4% carbohydrates •  Lipid Barrier •  Cell membrane proteins (integral & peripheral) •  Membrane carbohydrates- glycocalyx Cont. Organelles...
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