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2 give the number of normal vibrational modes for each

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Unformatted text preview: distilled water and place them in the oven to dry. Results Using the spectra obtained from samples in KBr disks, make band assignments for your IR spectra by indicating what vibrational mode is responsible for the presence of each sample band. Draw the best Lewis electron- dot structure and the 3D molecular geometry for each of your anions. Also give the name of the molecular geometry. Describe, using diagrams, each vibrational mode. Discussion Compare experimental vibrational frequencies with those in the literature. Nakamoto (5) is an extremely accessible reference for IR and Raman characterization of small inorganic entities. Why might the experimental frequencies differ slightly from the literature values? Besides Herzberg, V. II (6), Nakamoto (5), and Gadsden (7) on reserve, you will find in the lab copies of some of the original publications on the vibrational- rotational spectra of some of the small molecules we study. These are...
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