If the instruments green light is solidly lit there

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Unformatted text preview: has been dried and is stored in a desiccator. It is made especially for infrared work. Follow your instructor’s directions to first prepare an approximately 200 mg KBr disc. It will be used as a reference. Also prepare separate KBr disks containing each of the anions to be studied. For these disks, again use 200 mg of KBr mixed with only 2 mg of the salt containing the anion. Bring your three disks to the Bruker Alpha FTIR Spectrometer. If the instrument’s green light is flashing it is on standby mode. Turn the instrument on by pressing the small green button located next to the power cord on the back of the instrument. If the instrument’s green light is solidly lit there is no need to press this button. Login to Windows XP on the computer attached to the...
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