Look up their structure vibrational frequencies and

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Unformatted text preview: ll be measured for one of the following pairs of solids: a) K2SO4 and KClO4 b) KClO4 and KIO4, KClO4 and KBrO4, or KBrO4 and KIO4 c) KNO3 and K2CO3 d) KClO3 and KBrO3, KClO3 and Na2SO3, or Na2SO3 and KBrO3 e) K2CrO4 and KMnO4 f) NaNO2 and NaClO2 g) NaNO3 and KNO3 h) NaClO3 and KClO3, or NaBrO3 and KBrO3 One pair of anions will be chosen for you to work with by your lab instructor. Look up their structure, vibrational frequencies and band assignments in Nakamoto (5) (preferably before your perform the experiment). This book is on reserve at the QEII Library. An electronic copy is also available (it can be accessed by performing a catalogue search on the QEII Library’s website. You will need this information to complete your report. Page 1 of 4 Chemistry 2302 IR Anions Winter 2012 The KBr that you will use...
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